4 Reasons You Should Visit Tasmania

While mainland Australia is a popular tourist destination, Tasmania often gets overlooked, and it’s a shame because this isolated island has so much to offer. If you love nature and want to escape from modern life, this is the ideal escape, so here are some reasons to visit Tasmania.

  1. There are some amazing places to stay

Many people associate Tasmania with camping or backpacking, and while it’s true that you can enjoy both these things, there’s also some amazing luxury accommodation Tasmania for those who want to stay in comfort. With amazing views and lots of extra facilities, it’s worth upgrading to ensure you always remember your stay in Tasmania.

  1. The hikes

If you love hiking, there’s really no better destination than Tasmania. This is because it’s full of beautiful lush green mountains, which are perfect for all sorts of hikes. Along the way you’ll see all sorts of natural features from lakes to beaches, so make sure you bring lots of memory cards for your camera.

  1. The beaches

The beaches on Tasmania really are some of the most amazing you may ever experience in the world. Around the island there’s lots of unspoilt coastline, but you may want to make time to visit the following popular spots:

  • Wineglass Bay – perhaps the best known beach on the island, this quiet bay has turquoise seas and white sands
  • Boat Harbour Beach – this beach has a mixture of white sands and black, volcanic sands for a unique look
  • Coningham Beach – just half hour from Hobart, this beach is surrounded by sandstone cliffs, meaning the waters are calm
  • Bay of Fires – with white sands, red rocks and crystal clear waters, the Bay of Fires is made up of a number of unforgettable beaches that are unspoilt and peaceful. 
  1. It’s untouched and peaceful

When you need a retreat from the modern world, Tasmania is a great choice. It has clean air, clean water and an abundance of wildlife. While it has pretty towns and a capital city, it still feels unspoilt, so you can get away from it all.

Looking for your next holiday spot? Why not try Tasmania? There are lots of ways to enjoy this peaceful island, whether on foot or by car, and it has so much to offer. You could spend time exploring the outdoors, especially the long beaches where you’ll often have the place to yourself, then enjoy peaceful nights in a luxury home appreciating the view.