Six Innovative Products For Day-Hikers & Sight-Seekers

Escaping an urban area for the day or seeking a short adventure among some of the most beautiful landscapes can be a remarkably fulfilling way to spend your time, whether you want to find open waters in which to swim or climb to amazing heights to capture an unbeatable view.

These excursions can be made even better with extra items too, whether the luxury of a cooling blanket or support of a tracking device. And, whatever you decide to take along with you, it’s often said that you’ll be far less likely to regret bringing an item along than finding yourself without it and the help or comfort it might provide. Each year, products undergo great innovation too, becoming more lightweight or efficient than ever before, making it even more important to know about and have the best accessories for day-hikes and sightseeing.

Portable Battery

As our portable devices become increasingly useful, whether to guide us through new landscapes, take a photo, or track our steps, the ability to keep them charged becomes paramount, especially in the case of an emergency. Thankfully, portable chargers are becoming more affordable and more compact each year. If you don’t already keep one on your person, you should start right away.

Hiking Socks

If you’re setting out on any trail, you should not only equip yourself with great hiking shoes but also a great pair of socks. Those made from wool, offering breathability and durability, are a fantastic purchase and will help to keep you going further and during all weather conditions.


An essential item for a day trip is a bag within which to keep your items stored and safe. The best designs now allow for efficient compartmentalisation, better balancing, a selection of clasps and pockets made specifically for day trip needs, and even temperature control so that you can take with you a cool bag and a backpack in one.

First Aid Kit

Carrying an entire first aid kit among your belongings might at first seem overly cautious, however, once you find yourself with a blister or, much worse, a tick, then you will reconsider. Thankfully, first aid kits have been innovated to become much more compact and even more useful, including items such as burn gels and eyewash, which can be carried in single-use, lightweight containers.


If you’re planning on sightseeing, or even spotting wildlife from a safe distance, then you will do well to keep a high-quality pair of binoculars with you. Newer designs found in 2022 have great features like anti-fog lenses and tripod mounts for stability. If you’re interested in getting a closer look at the night sky, there are many binoculars available to do just that as well.

Smart Watch

Having an altimeter, compass, GPS, and communication device on your wrist has changed the hiking game and, without a doubt, one of the most significant innovations of the past decade has been that of the smartwatch. Understanding your travel has never been easier, even if you’re planning on taking a swim too, with most modern smart watches tracking movement in water and being resistant to a great depth.